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TOYOTA AE82 GT Twin Cam OEM Corolla Decal

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Made in our UK, Norfolk factory!

Please do not confuse these decals/stickers with the lower cost ones available around and other online sites. These have been produced exactly the same way as the Toyota made originals and enable you to have the “factory look”

This listing is for one side of the car. If you need a complete car set you will need to order 2 sets.

I’m lucky to have a low mileage genuine factory 1988 AE82 GT Twin Cam, but my decals were looking old and faded, I ordered a set on line of the usual pre-spaced lettering not only was it the wrong cap size ( too big ) it also looked wrong and cheap compared to what I had. Luckily I took a rubbing of the originals, and kept them for colour reference, so I went about making another set in exactly the same way as Toyota did in the 1980’s this involves printing silver ink to the face of high quality clear adhesive vinyl.

Please study the pictures and you will see exactly what I mean, the letters are connected and not individual. Item is supplied with Clear low adhesive film, so it allows you to apply the lettering to the car in one go and then peel off the top clear positioning film.

As this is silver on clear, it will work on any colour car ( apart from Silver ) so White, Black, Red cars are all fine to have this decal. Also feel free to use my pictures as a positioning guide, they are in exactly the right position. If you require any measurements feel free to message me.


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