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FORD 1970 World Cup Rally Ford Mk1 Escort Mexico Decal

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Made in our UK, Norfolk factory!

Ford produced various items of merchandise during and after the rally, this listing is for an exact replica of a genuine 50 year old decal ford produced at the time.

This sticker/decal is extremely rare as very few have survived. It's Reverse printed ( so can be stuck to the inside of glass and is the correct way when reading it outside ). The adhesive is removable so, can be removed at any time in the future.

This is a MUST for all MK1 Escort Mexico enthusiasts and car owners,

Ford Named the Escort Mexico due to this 1970 rally

The now famous “Mexico” stripes were also inspired from those on the actual winning car.

Apply the sticker to inside your window and relive the 1970 Mexico Success  


1970 was the year Ford Motor Company made the most of the Football World Cup, and the results created the birth of the Mk 1 Ford Escort Mexico.

Starting on Sunday the 19th of April 1970 from London Wembley Stadium, Sir Alf Ramsey sent off all the competitors of the Daily Mirror 1970 World Cup Rally.

This rally was to be the toughest transcontinental motoring event ever a gruelling total of (25,700km) 16,000 miles, and is still known as the toughest rally ever even today.

The overall winner driving his RS GT Escort was Hannu Mikkola Gunnar, and Ford had great results overall finishing in 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, places

Out of an entry of over 100 cars only 23 made it to the finish...

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